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Hi! I'm Jenn Adams...

Since we will be spending some time together, I think it's important that you get to know a little bit about me.   Aside from what you might expect me to say (yes I have always loved taking pictures, etc etc etc), here is some more about the kind of person you get to work with:

I am a musical theatre nerd!

I have been a member of Lyric Theatre Company since 2000, appearing in numerous roles on the main stage at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.  I have also performed with Stowe Theatre Guild.  My favorite roles to date have been Lina Lamont in Singin in the Rain, Adelaide in Guys and Dolls (pictured), Anita in West Side Story, and The Witch in Into the Woods

I am a mother of two

I credit these two for motivating me to upgrade my camera, and for allowing me to take a million pictures of them.  Sometimes I make it into one!

I am a Calligrapher too!

I started my other business, Letterally Speaking, in the Spring of 2017. 

I no longer do it on a large scale, however I will do projects by request as I am able.

I also do specialized photo props when clients request them!

I love sleeping in. I am a coffee addict. My favorite vacation destination is Europe--for the MUSEUMS. 
I am a lover of Star Wars, Harry Potter, GOT, and Lord of the Rings. 
I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, but I have an affinity for makeup and fake eyelashes!
I think we can have a ton of fun together, so let's chat!